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Welcome to Oz

Title: Welcome to Oz
Fandom: DC (or whatever verse comes to mind), Marvel (was mixed in randomly)
Pairings: Bruce/Clark, Bruce/OMC (one sided)
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman; Clark Kent/Superman; Tony/Steve, others
Word Count: 4,605
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Mild Violence, Language, Cross Dressing *hides*

“Why did I let you talk me into this?”

The coy look he was getting from the billionaire before him wasn’t fooling anyone. Clark just stared at the man, already uncomfortable enough to keep his arms crossed to keep himself from scratching anymore than he had. His current costume was much worse than the others that he’d tried on, but it was the only one that fit him without threatening to rip in places that didn’t need to be mentioned. He could not help it. He was a big man, and not in the sense that involved cakes, candy, and seven servings of some fast food chain in a day. It wasn’t a bad costume, but the authenticity of it made him remember why it was a bad idea to sleep in hay.

So....I forgot about this. I thought I hadn't finished it...and I did. It's a sequel to Make it Believable.

And yes, it's a blantant indulgence on my part because. YES. That.

No. Not dead. Just...plucking my way through life. And forcing myself up.

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Very Quick update

I've registered for graduation!

I'm attempting to MOVE to Savannah, Georgia.

I'm in the middle of self-publishing and editing short stories.

I'm revising my art!


That is all! :)


Dear Journal

I let my paid account go last night.

I don't use live journal enough to keep up with the amount of user pics I have plus, I'm a little lackluster in funds, so there's that. I'm not upset though. I'm still writing in-between projects, but I've yet to post anything because nothing is finished. Hopefully that will change within the next couple of days.

The work load at school hasn't changed, but I have applied to Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I just need to send them my transcripts, my portfolio, and then work on funds for the fall semester. I'm hoping I can land a bunch of scholarships and avoid a bunch of loans. School isn't cheap!

Anyhow, it's Valentine's Day.  Never been a Valentine, Never had a Valentine, and no one is that special to me or vice versa. I've been up since five and already I'm over the red dresses, the pumps, and the teddy bears lined up in row. Jealous? Yes, I'll freely admit it, but then why just celebrate today when you can do this everyday for the one you adore most? Unfortunately, I haven't found that person,  and I doubt I will find them in this state. It's a feeling I have. I have to move...soon. :P

Welp, have a good morning. I'm going to work out and try my best to behave.


New Lex Luthor?!

So they announce who Lex Luthor is going to be in Superman vs Batman....

Jesse Eisenberg!? ZOMBIELAND Jesse EISENBERG?!

The same  GUY everyone confuses with Micheal Cera because they look so much alike!?


Oh hell no. NOPE. Done. Just...DONE. I mean, I like everyone else had my reservations about Ben Affleck as Batman, but LEX LUTHOR?!

I doth protest GREATLY.

I just..I can't...I mean....COME ON. Really? REALLY!?

I can't deal with this on Superbowl weekend...I might throw something at the screen in a moment of rage when I see a film I'm dying to see going down in smoke before it hits theaters.

Why!? Ugh...people...staaaaaap the madness.


Random Question the difference between Green Blue and Blue Green????

*this is related to crayon colors I've been fiddling with and I still have no answer*


Dear Journal

Dear Journal....


(I totally sound like I'm fourteen.)

I have two accelerated classes, and today I went to the second one. Electronic Publishing (Adobe InDesign) is going to be a task and a half, but I believe I have an advantage knowing the workings of Adobe pitfall is that the class is in the Mac Room...and I am a PC.

Those Apple/PC commercials are unjustified.

My first class of the day is Drawing for Animators. Awesomeness all around. My last class of the day is 3D animation with Maya. More awesomeness. How is this relevant? My professor is the same in both classes and it's just funny how I'm going from pencil and paper to 3D space in the span of four hours.

Other than the rain stopping the moment I purchase an umbrella...(yeah, thanks weather, you're so funny har har) and putting in a job application...I've got nothing else to report outside of posting this weekend. :)

Yay for stories being continued! And I got a nice idea from a little someone who knows who she is for a color I couldn't quite elaborate on. ;)

I'm hungry...but I'm sleepy. BED WINS. (maybe. lol)


Dear Journal

Today was the first day of school.

*cue desolate music*

Getting up early still sucks.

On the brighter note of today, I believe I like my speech teacher this time around. She actually fooled us by blending in with the entire class before we went into the room. I thought she was a student until I saw the faculty badge. That was actually kind of a brilliant way to gather intelligence on her part. Points to her for that and her sarcasm. Oh, how I love people who have that sarcasm that makes me keep my eyes open longer than necessary.

I did get $45 bucks for a book that I never used. It was half the original price, but money is money at this point. So Yay on that. :)

I scored two new clothing items as well and an older gentleman offered me lunch (which I politely declined). Had some mom and me time, and yeah, I'm home now so I'm going to bed EARLY....after I finish up these colors!!!

Today was not bad at all. I rather enjoyed it. lol


Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

I believe I have a lot of work to do.

I just took a look at the unfinished works of my sup/bat stories....and there's a lot of stuff in that folder that I had forgotten about. I also took inventory on my current non-dc stories...and that's a lot to finish as well. All this added with plans of art?

Oh boy.

I'm not going to let it overwhelm me. I believe that if I stick to my regimen of shelling out one chapter per month as usual for  my non-dc stories and work out a time sheet for my other work in between assignments, I think I can shell out something worth looking at before summer.

I need outlines. *sigh* I know, outlines are fundamental but they sort of suck for me (because I get too detailed).

In other news, I got my books for school...and my antiviral software. *joy* I also got a good case of bedhead because I fell asleep around ten and didn't get up until five. My sleeping schedule is completely OFF. Getting on a normal schedule by Monday is going to suck so much.


Dear Journal

Dear Journal

Even in the cusp of my dreams, love eludes me. This is what I get for having crushes that are doomed to fail anyhow.

I mean, I confessed....unintentionally to this man (who is a star and would never notice me in real life), because a friend of his pulled a bait and switch when he asked me "why?". I started to list the reasons why, and my heart went in my throat when he appeared and smiled at me and I was like, "Shit!"

And I blinked...and the next thing I know the shorter, prettier, made up doll face I don't even know had her arm around his waist...and then there were more of them...and they were going to Miami? Anyway, I slipped away, the music in my head sad and me hoping someone would come after me.

It didn't happen.

I chucked my fingers up and backhanded the whole situation with "Bye" leaving my lips, and walked off to go home, leaving my belongings wherever they were and hating love all over again.

I hate waking up feeling cheated and alone.


Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

I was in the middle of a dead sleep--not so dead, I had just gotten up to tend to issues and get back in the bed--when my youngest sister called me and said that someone was downstairs. I purposely laid in my nice warm bed for another five minutes before headed down into the cold section of the house, to see my nephew's father standing there with my sister for the one thing they should be able to do:

Signing him up for classes.

I spent an hour looking up his evaluation report, what classes he needed to take, going through the catalog, finding classes in a proper time range to accommodate for his work schedule....and wondering how people who claim to be smart are so dumb.

On another note, my skin condition is as weird as ever. I went outside for a few seconds and it was enough to send my hands into hive hell. Thankfully this goes away within a half hour, but I still find it hard to believe that I am allergic to the flipping cold. I mean, I used to live in NEW YORK. How?

Anyway, it's back to the writing board today and the drawing board tomorrow. Yaaay. (I'm still a little sleepy. lol)


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